Eddie performing live with DBC, 2007

Eddie with Cindy Crawford, Laval, Quebec, June 2008

T-Shirt Artworks was created by Montreal graphic artist Eddie Shahini, he has been a successful artist specializing in T-shirt design for many years. He found that that he could sell T-shirt artwork on his site that was not created for a client but just for fun. Any extra designs that were not used made it to the 'T-shirt Design Store' page of his site Illustratica. After a while he opened up to the idea of selling t-shirt designs that were created by his friends, then by anyone in the world.

contact me with any questions:


if you need an original T-shirt design created, please checkout my portfolio on my site Illustratica

Eddie Shahini is the guitarist of DBC (Dead Brain Cells) a Montreal recording metal band, checkout the official DBC site


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