T-shirt Artworks is currently looking for artists to submit t-shirt designs

If you agree to the following terms you may be accepted to post your t-shirt designs on this site

• You send me a thumbnail jpeg of each design
• You agree to hold onto the file and sell it no where else.
• I add 25% to whatever you feel like charging per design.
• Agree to changing text in the design.
• If you change email address you will notify me with new email address.
• Your phone number will be emailed to me for contact purposes.
• Register with PayPal for payments.

To get accepted on T-shirt Artworks, please make sure you have read the terms above, if you agree please send some jpeg examples of what you do. You will receive a response from me If you are accepted, only then will you send me the thumbnail jpegs. I will also ask you to send me an email stating that your designs are created by you and are 100 % original and that you accept the terms. You could have your designs removed form the site at any time you wish.

Please send jpeg examples of your work to eddie@tshirtartworks.com
Tell me a bit about you, where you live, and how many t-shirt designs you have for sale.

Selling Procedure:
• Once the designs sells, I will write you an email requesting for the file, you will email it to me.
• I will send payment for the design to your PayPal account once I receive the file.
• Then I email the file to the client and mark 'sold' on the site. Done!

Once You Are Approved:

Thumbnail Submission Requirements:
please send thumbnail jpegs at 225 x 225 pixels at 72 dpi, RGB
you could copy the image at the right for reference.

it will be assigned a number, once the design sells, I will email you the number of the design that has sold, you will have to email me the correct design.

Design Files:
I prefer all artwork to be Adobe Illustrator files. I have the software and could check the design before it's sent to the client. Photoshop files will be accepted if they can be separated.

occasionally a client will request the text in the design to be changed to reflect their brand, company name or line. The artist must be willing to change the text in the design, an extra fee of $10 will be charged to the client and will be paid to the artist.

Commissioned Art
If you need extra designs by a specific artist, that could be arranged too, please mention the artist, what you are looking for and how many designs you will need.

If you need a new custom piece of artwork, illustration, or T-shirt design, please checkout my freelance site at illustratica.com

Contact: eddie@tshirtartworks.com


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